Identity Verification

Uncover identities and protect your business—with zero friction.

Januus’ data helps banks, financial institutions, and other businesses protect themselves and their customers while benefiting from the blockchain’s efficiency, security, and transparency. We allow businesses to better know their customers, identify bad actors, avoid illicit activity, maintain compliance with AML regulation, and manage risk. Januus provides unique access to data about wallets and their owners, allowing for cost-effective analysis of transactions
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Verify identities by linking crypto accounts with real names, contact details, locations, and even images. Maintain continuous monitoring with on-demand API queries.
Prevent damages, fines, and crime by connecting blockchain data to bad actors. Combine crypto activity with public records, wealth data, employment data, suspicious relationships, and tagged histories.
Know your users without time-intensive data collection. Streamline signup process and onboarding. Improve accessibility and unlock millions of new web3 users.
Get cost-effective access to data for compliance with FATF recommendations, government regulations, and KYC/AML legal guidelines without compromising crypto’s principles.

Intelligence & Blockchain Analysis

Connect and track illicit activity to real-world bad actors.

Januus enables intelligence organisations, blockchain analysis firms, and government agencies to access the data they need to investigate threat actors using crypto. By providing the link across assets, wallets and real-world identities, we can help identify and prevent criminal activity. We also provide data needed to assist with tax and regulatory compliance. .
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Track users’ activity across assets, currencies, and wallets. Trace transactions between wallets, identify connections and unite them via real-world identity connections.
Augment blockchain analysis platforms with expanded data points such as contact details, physical locations, images, and demographics.
Bring colour to strategic decision making on engagements with markets, individuals and organisations.
Identify criminals and link them to illicit on-chain activities. De-anonymise traders of illegitimate funds, supporters of proscribed organisations, and ransomware threat actors.

Finance & Investment

Understand ownership, manage risk, and discover market opportunities.

By connecting cryptowallets to identity data, Januus allows investors and financial organisations to understand asset ownership and manage risk. The value of a given asset is a function of the attributes of the people who own it. We augment your models and give you an edge.
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Discover real-world demographics of crypto asset ownership. Analyse value and make better decisions with insights into user bases, analytics, trends, and similarities.
Use identity data to discover opportunities, judge value, and mitigate risk. Develop more robust due diligence, trading models, credit risk analysis, and research.
Improve crypto projects and services through a new layer of user insight. Provide data for loan payback predictions to DeFi protocols, demographics to tokenized projects, and consumer trends to entrepreneurs.
Maintain an updated understanding of ownership in the fast-moving crypto world through our API. Continuously monitor asset and ownership changes.